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Feature Film, 2022
Corporate Training 2010-2022
After Miss Julie
Theatrical Production, 2012

Electra & Orestes

20% Theatre Company, 2011
Lake Forest College, 2005
Little Shop of Horrors
City Colleges of Chicago, 2009
Theatrical Productions, 2009-2014

I am always floored by Melissa’s incredible rapport with actors. She maintains the fine line between utter trust and subtle authority. She gives actors parameters within which to function; challenging them to seek a higher level of truth in their performances. Melissa combines a sharp intellect with an extraordinary insight into humanity. Her unique perspective on various subjects makes for thought-provoking theatre that leaves you debating long after the show has finished. 

Kaitlin Argeaux, Founder, Théâtre Libre

Arts Management CV

Creative CV

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