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Guest Workshop:
Lights! iPhone! Action!

Adlai E. Stevenson High Schoo

February, 2024


Digital Content Library:
Financial Wellness

Introducing digital content for Human Resource professionals interested in financial wellness resources for employees.


  • Strengthen your organization’s value-prop to attract talent.

  • Increase engagement and satisfaction among employees.

  • Decrease employee turnover and improve retention.

  • Reduce financial stress leading to greater productivity.

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Financial Wellness Logo.jpg
Financial Wellness Logo.jpg

Sales Effectiveness Program
Horizon Bancassurance

LMS & Implementation Specialist, 2023

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FINLIT-Creative Student 2-1.jpg

Live Workshop:
Financial Literacy for the Creative Student

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of personal finance that every creative student needs. Designed for arts students by artists (and former arts students), the program will challenge you to overcome limiting beliefs as it navigates:

  • Essential Financial Vocabulary and Key Concepts

  • Managing Your Income and Cash Flow

  • Better Budgeting

  • Navigating Debt

Using Smartistry's engaging Creative Learning method, you'll explore your personal finances in a way that resonates, motivates, and inspires. Start your journey to an empowered creative future!


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